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About the Drop-In Classes

The Spectacles drop-in classes welcome students with any level of improv experience. We cater the class to our students as they come. Our classes cover the same techniques that members of the Spectacles Improv Engine have learned and used, from a variety of improv training centers.

We teach classes on a variety of scenework techniques. We primarily focus on the essentials for great scenes: character, status, emotion, story-telling, relationships, etc.


Classes cost just $10 for two hours of improv training. If you’ve been to class before and you bring a paying student who has never come to the class before, you get your class for free.

These are drop-in workshops; there are no prerequisites, no sign-ups, no need for advance notice. Students are free to attend at their own convenience. This gives students the ability to try the classes out, without having to spend hundreds of dollars up-front.

Where are the Classes?


Main Theatre
400 E. Commonwealth Ave.
Fullerton, CA 92832


Second Space
406 E. Commonwealth Ave. Unit 6
Fullerton, CA 92832