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Why Learn Improv

Life happens on the spot and in the moment; improv gives you the tools to perform on the spot and in the moment. The skills we work on in these classes will improve your communication, empathy, presence, confidence, listening, and focus. Improv classes are a great place to meet new people, challenge yourself, and have a great time.

Are you an actor, stand up, writer, or director? Improv is pure creation; it teaches you to stop saying no to your ideas, it immerses you in your own imagination, and it teaches you healthy ways to collaborate effectively. So many talented, creative folks in the industry have one common denominator: improv.

Why Learn at Spectacles

Spectacles is fertile soil for learning. We have trained with some of the greatest improvisers and institutions in the world. We have accrued thousands of hours teaching, studying, and performing improv; we love it. We know how to create an environment that maximizes growth. We provide a supportive place for risk, because we have all been where you are. We are excited to be a part of your improv journey, whether it is just beginning or a life long passion.

Spectacles is local, high quality, and a great value. The methods we teach have been tested and proven on the stage, and vetted by students and teachers across the country.


Drop-In Classes

Spectacles drop-in classes welcome students with any level of improv experience. We cater the class to our students as they come. We will cover all the basics of good scenework, while having fun and celebrating the joy of improv.

There are no prerequisites and there is no need to sign-up. Anyone is free to attend at their own convenience. This gives students the ability to try the classes out, without having to spend hundreds of dollars up-front.

The drop-in classes cost just $10 for two hours of improv training. If you bring a paying student who has never come to the class before, you get your class for free.

Training Program

Spectacles offers a complete training program. This training program will give you all the tools you need to be a well-rounded improviser. Learn from highly trained instructors who have dedicated themselves to the art of improv.


You must be at least 18 years of age to enroll in our training program.

These classes can be taken a la carte, or as part of our training program. They don’t need to be taken in a particular order, and there are no training prerequisites for any of our focuses.


People who graduate the entire training program become Spectacles Certified. It is important to us that folks that who earn the Spectacles Certification actually show the focuses consistently in their performance; we will hold our students to this standard.

If, at the completion of a focus, you have not shown an acceptable aptitude for that class, you will be asked to repeat it to achieve completion of that focus. We would much rather have you become a stronger performer than push through people to create graduates.

You do not need to take that focus again immediately, you can instead choose to take another class and circle back to that focus when you feel more comfortable.

Spectacles Certified graduates receive several benefits. Graduates will be eligible to perform in all Spectacles specialty shows, and can pitch new teams or concepts. There will also be Spectacles Certified only auditions once a year to fill open spots and field new teams.

      • Relationships, Saturdays, Apr. 21 – May 19, 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
      • Choices & Gifts, Tuesdays, Apr. 24 – May 22, 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM


The 5 week focuses cost $199 each, and the 2 week focuses cost $79 each.

We also offer discounts, which can be added together:

  • If you are a high school or college student, you get $20 off with a valid student ID.
  • If you have attended at least 8 of the drop-in classes, you get $20 off.

Tuition for focus classes includes a non-refundable registration processing fee of $25 for five-week focuses and $15 for two-week focuses. Students who attend one or more class sessions will only be eligible for partial refunds.

If we cancel a course due to low registration or any other factor, you will receive a full refund, including the registration fee.

If you are asked to repeat a focus, the cost is only $79 ($15 for 2 week focuses).


We believe that good improv can be broken down into certain skills or focuses. So instead of levels, we have focuses. Instead of inundating you with several techniques over a short time, we take 5 weeks to truly explore and ingrain the benefits and techniques of each focus. Our goal is to make each focus a habit, that you perform without having to think.

Each focus will have a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8 students.


If you are new to improv, or want to start at the basics. Our Foundations focus provides a jumping off point for new improvisors.

If you’re not new, but don’t know what you should take, our Diagnostics focus will gauge your skills. We’ll recommend focuses that we think you need to work on, and we’ll pass you in focuses in which you are already proficient. You can become Spectacles Certified without taking all nine focuses this way.


Learn the basics of improv.
(5 Weeks)
We teach you the basic improv techniques you will need to start your journey through Spectacles. Whether you've never performed before, or just want a refresher, this is a great jumping off point.

The building block for characters.
(5 Weeks)
We will teach you simple and effective methods of how to make an emotional choice, how to make that choice matter, how to express it, how to hold on to it, how to heighten it, and how to use it to build full and rich characters.
Help yourself and others.
(5 Weeks)
Making choices and giving gifts is the oxygen that feeds the fire that is the scene. In this focus, we teach you how to give gifts and how to embrace a gift you receive, as well as be specific and organic.
Feel comfortable onstage.
(2 Weeks)
Having the confidence to take risks and accept and grow from failure is an essential part of any improviser's journey. In this focus, we work to help you conquer the fear that controls you.
Finding your character's wants.
(5 Weeks)
Point of view tells you how your character sees the world, and dictates how they interact with it. We will teach you how to organically discover your point of view in a scene, and how to use it to fill your character with intent and discover your character's wants.
Build the world around you.
(5 Weeks)
Spacework is the single greatest tool in immersing yourself, your scene partner, and the audience into your imagination. Spacework is the secret language of group mind, and it is vital to having consistently great scenes.
Perform like an actor.
(2 Weeks)
Improv is theatre. In this focus, we will give you the theatre techniques and information to be a more effective performer. We will cover important topics like stage picture, projecting, and body language.
Look, listen, react.
(5 Weeks)
We will teach you to notice the scene that is already present, make everything matter, and have faith that your scene partner is doing the same. This focus is loaded with tips that will ignite your play by putting you in true response to all that you have observed.
Connect your character.
(5 Weeks)
How your characters relate to each other is the magical ingredient that will create compelling, relatable, and entertaining scenes. Make strong scenes by building relationships between characters in scenes. Learn what has the most impact on your scene partner and the audience.
The focus is you.
(5 Weeks)
Instructors will put you through a carefully planned improv obstacle course to gauge where your current weaknesses and strengths are, culminating in a one-on-one session completely focused on you.