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Our Mission Statement

To build and nurture a family of dedicated improvisors, to cultivate an audience of passionate fans, and to grow the greater improv community by providing a home for learning, connecting, and a variety of quality entertainment.

Our Company

Spectacles is dedicated to providing a home for improv in Orange County by building a community through training, performances, and special events. We are always striving to bring new teams, new shows, and new types of content for our fans.

Spectacles was founded in 2005 with the creation of The Lobby, our first and flagship team. Since then, Spectacles has grown exponentially with the creation of the Flyspace, Ghostlight, and Society teams, as well as welcoming the teams like Laugh Chance and Fancy Hobo into the family.

Aside from producing our own teams, Spectacles provides a place for other local teams to perform. Spectacles offers classes for people interested in learning improv, and produces shows for our students to get a chance to perform. Spectacles also hosts the O.C. Cagematch (a long-form improv showdown), AusCorp (where Spectacles members can try new improv formats), and IFL (a competitive improv sports league).

About once a month, Spectacles has a special event show that involves improvisers from across several teams. Examples of special event shows are Ladies’ Night (our all-female improv show), Spectaclemania (a tournament featuring nearly every Spectacles player), and King of the Ring (a reality show style elimination improv show featuring one representative from numerous teams).

In 2010, Spectacles produced the Orange County Improv Cup, a two-day event that brought in improv talent from all across Orange County to work with each other on random teams and compete in a short-form improv tournament. The Improv Cup changed the landscape of O.C. improv by building connections among all the local teams. Spectacles produced the first annual Orange County Improv Festival in 2013 to bring in talent from across the country and show that Orange County is a legitimate improv region.